Samstag, 11. Dezember 2010

furniture collection

Florian Asche and Klaus Unkelbach present their new line of furniture at the international furniture exhibition (imm cologne). The collection under the brand name april allterior furniture, which is being shown to the general public for the first time, features innovative materials and reduced design.

april allterior furniture is unconstrained by architectural principles: all pieces of furniture are suited for both indoor and outdoor use thanks to the innovative choice of materials and the way it is treated. With their simple forms, they are reminiscent of the Bauhaus style, but refuse to be typecast.

The key to this symbiosis between interior and exterior is the use of shaped beechwood. It has a warm and elegant quality when used indoors, but is weatherproof and robust enough for outdoor use. For ecological reasons, the company chose European beechwood and heat-treated it to make it weatherproof without using chemical substances.

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